Research areas

Improvement of production and management of collection systems

Work carried out in this field mainly touches upon the optimization of the sap collection procedure with the help of high-performance equipment and materials as well as adequate production methods. This is to improve the performance of the procedure while considering the quality and purity of the product as well as the preservation of the resource.

Resource preservation and sugar bush valorization

The sugar bush is a dynamic ecosystem which can, in some ways, be sensitive to certain disruptions or imbalances of the environment. Research in this field essentially consists in studying the biophysical and environmental parameters of the sugar bush in order to promote optimal and harmonious maple growth within a maple sugar production context. The use of the sugar bush as an environment suitable for the production of other species such as non timber forest produce (NTFP) or for other compatible activities (educational, recreational or for training), also constitutes means studied for the valorization of this ecosystem.

Improvement of maple sugar product transformation processes

Sap and maple syrup treatment processes as well as the production of by-products need constant improvements so as to remain competitive and efficient while preserving the quality and purity of maple sugar products. This is what our work in this field aims for, while keeping in mind the development of innovative solutions for users of these technologies.

Purity and authenticity of maple sugar products

The purity and authenticity of maple sugar products are what makes them so well-known and what sets them apart from other sweeteners. Research in this field looks to develop efficient and competitive tools that allow for the verification of maple sugar product’s purity and authenticity for the benefit of consumers and of the maple sugar industry in general.

Quality, safety and valorization of maple sugar products

Our work in this field focuses on our experience in order to propose innovative solutions for the fabrication of maple sugar products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We also aim to identify the different high added-value properties of maple sugar products which may orient us towards alternative, non-traditional uses of these products.

Development of new products and processes

In partnership with the maple sugar industry, work performed in this field is oriented towards the development of new ways of processing and transforming maple sugar products or towards the creation of new or improved products.